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Earthquake: Answers to video questions

1. LA, Hollywood

2. emergency inspection

3. 3.1

4. Richter scale

5. seismograph

6. 7+

7. fault

8. National Guard

9. dogs barking and howling

10. he was smoking

11. relieve the pressure behind the dam

12. fire, flood, electrical wires, looting

13. stopping looters

14. aftershocks

15. Red Cross

16. building has its own generator

17. door is out of line


Earthquake: Suggested discussion answers

1. Underneath strong supported objects, like arches or cars.

2. Outside of large glass structures, buildings with poor support, answers will vary.

3. Answers will vary, but the usual length of an earthquake occurrence is less than a minute.

4. Storage of emergency materials such as food, water, blankets, machinery, medicine, and communication equipment. Answers will vary.

5. Answers will vary.

6. A-1  B-2      C-3      D-4      E-5


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