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Directed by Mark Robson                    First Shown 1974

Color               123 minutes                  Rated PG

Questions to be answered during the video:

1. In what city does the earthquake take place?

2. What did the two men have to do to the dam after the earthquake?

3. What was the strength of the first earthquake?

4. What scale is used to measure earthquakes?

5. On what instrument at the seismological institute are earthquakes measured?

6. How big does Russell predict the next big earthquake will be, and when?

7. What geological feature was Adams on when he died?

8. What did the governor put on active duty status?

9. How does Mrs. Brian know something is about to happen?

10. What was wrong with the man who went to turn off the gas?

11. Why did the men want to open the valves on the dam?

12. What are some of the dangers after an earthquake?

13. What is the military doing when they are put on the streets?

14. What are they worried about happening at the dam, after the earthquake that might cause the dam to collapse?

15. Where do the police check for blood?

16. Why do the escalators work in the shelter?

17. How do they know that there is trouble with the dam, after the aftershocks but before the leaks?


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