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Teach Science With Science Fiction Films: A Guide For Teachers And Library Media Specialists

See bonus lessons and activities

Table of contents

Chapter 1: Science Fiction Films as an Educational Tool
Why learn science? 
What is science fiction?
Why use science fiction to teach science?
Research on teaching science with science fiction films
Common fallacies and errors in science fiction films
How to use science fiction films in a classroom
The library media center
How to use the materials in this book
Guidelines for repurposing films
How to get science fiction films
Standards Based Teaching
Educational Technology Standards
National Science Standards Matrixes

Chapter 2: Biology, Human:
Fantastic Voyage
Star Trek: Immunity Syndrome
Activity: Catalyst Enzymes

Chapter 3: Biology, Animal:
Star Trek: Operation Annihilate (NSTA Award winning lesson)                
Activity: Acceleration Due to Gravity & Reaction Time   
Activity: Termite Training

Chapter 4: Biology, Plant:
Day of the Triffids
The Thing
Activity: Flower Dissection
Activity: Build a Flower

Chapter 5: Chemistry:
Andromeda Strain
Star Trek the Next Generation: Home Soil
Activity: Conductivity Tester
Activity: pH & Indicators
Crystal Growth

Chapter 6: Earth Science:
Journey into Amazing Caves
Journey to the Center of the Earth
Activity: Severe Weather Observation
Activity: Tornado in a Bottle

Chapter 7: Environmental Science/Ecology:
X-Files: Darkness Falls
Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home
Star Trek: Trouble with Tribbles
Activity: Qualitative Testing of Carbon Dioxide; a Pollutant
Activity: Growing Triops
Activity: Animal Population Survey - Tag and Recapture

Chapter 8: Geology
Dante’s Peak
Jurassic Park
Activity: Crystal Systems
Activity: Fossil Formation

Chapter 9: Marine Science:
It Came from Beneath the Sea
Finding Nemo
Activity: Using Fish Anatomy to Determine Habitat
Activity: Shark Key

Activity: Squid Dissection

Chapter 10: Physics:
Star Trek the Next Generation: Booby Trap                                                                             
Destination Moon (NSTA Award winning lesson)
Forbidden Planet
Activity: Personal Radiation Dose                                      
Activity: Size of the Sun & Moon
Activity: Free Fall and Forces                                            
Activity: Parallax Viewing                                                  

STS: Science Technology & Society:
Day the Earth Stood Still
Star Trek: Devil in the Dark
Fly Away Home
Activity: Build an Electric Motor                                        
Activity: Panorama Diorama                                               

Synopsis of Films        
Major Film Topics       
Guidelines for using repurposed films    

Bonus lessons and activities available online:

Biology: Star Trek: Unnatural Selection   
Biology: Beginning of the End
Biology: Activity: Evidence of Speed
Biology: The Lorax
Chemistry: Star Trek: Arena
Chemistry: Activity: Flame Tests
Earth Science: Earthquake
Earth Science: Activity: Locate an Earthquake Epicenter
Environmental: Activity: Tree Slice Observation
Geology: Monolith Monsters
Physics: October Sky
STS: Star Trek: Ethics
STS: Activity: Goose origami


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