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Beginning of the End: Vocabulary

1. Amplifier 2. Botanist 3. Dormant 4. Entomologist 5. Frequency
6. Hibernating 7. Insecticide 8. Isotope 9. Locust 10. Oscilloscope

Beginning of the End: Discussion questions

1. Using a reference book with a picture of a grasshopper, label these parts:
a. thorax                       b. head             c. abdomen
d. antenna         e. legs               f.. wings
g. eyes              h. mouth



2. What would be the physical structural problems with a grasshopper that got as large as the ones in the movie?

3. Would exposure to radioactive substances cause a large group of animals to all mutate in the same way?

4. Is it logical to assume that what makes plants grow larger would make animals grow larger?

5. In the movie the grasshoppers were attracted to their deaths by man made sounds; animals are affected by sounds (ex. in nature grasshoppers use sound to attract mates). For each of the following give an example of how people control animals with sound.
a. fleas
b. dogs
c. horses
d. whales (dolphins)
e. mosquitoes

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