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Directed by Berth I. Gordon                                       1957

Black and White                      80 minutes

Starring Peter Graves

Giant grasshoppers invade Illinois.

Questions to be answered during the video:

1. Why does police Car 254 pull over and call in?

2. What has happened to Ludlow?

3. What kind of job does Audrey Aims have?

4. What was the town of Ludlow's population?

5. While there are no atomic installations in the local area, who is using radioactive materials?

6. What is different about the plants at the experimental station?

7. Why did Frank become a deaf-mute?

8. What animal is being picked up that got into the plants?

9. What can't the isotopes do at the experimental research station?

10. What does Ed say that the radiation is causing photosynthesis to do?

11. When was the warehouse destroyed?

12. What is it that Frank notices about the ground?

13. What kind of scientist is Ed?

14. Plants and _________________________ are interdependent and can't live without each other.

15. What happens to Frank?

16. What does Ed say is responsible for the destruction?

17. What kind of sound do grasshoppers make?

18. What convinces Ed that there are more than a few hundred giant grasshoppers?

19. What on the giant grasshoppers, or locusts, failed to develop?

20. What do grasshoppers use to communicate?

21. Toward what city are the locusts headed?

22. How effective are insecticides on the locusts?

23. When do locusts send out a high pitch screech?

24. How many legs does a locust have?

25. Why did the locusts stop their advance?

26. What happens to locusts if they spend 24 hours at 15F?

27. Why does Ed need a live giant grasshopper?

28. How will Ed know when he has the right sound?

29. Why does the amplifier/speaker need to be on a tall building?

30. What is attracting the locusts?

31. Why does Ed need to hold out longer?

32. What happens to the locusts?

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