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Upcoming Presentations

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National Education Computing Conference (NECC). Philadelphia, PA 2005

bulletThe Digital Reader: Using eBooks in K-12 Education - Book introduction with ISTE Press

Florida Secondary Reading Council (FLSRC) Conference. Bradenton, FL 2005

bulletTechnology Enhanced Literature Circles
bulletAssisting the Reluctant and Remedial Reader with Electronic Texts

Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education (SITE), Phoenix, AZ 2005

bullet Integrating Technology Literacy Standards into Literacy Instruction in Preservice Education -- Technology Enhanced Literature Circles
bullet A Journey of Design: Developing a Technology Based Unit Assessment System: Designing and Implementing a Teacher Education Unit Assessment System

Florida Educational Technology Conference (FETC). Orlando FL 2005

bulleteBooks Scaffolds to Literacy
8-11:30 Friday

Florida Federation Division for Learning Disability (FF-DLD) Conference. Orlando FL 2005

bulletAssisting the Reluctant and Remedial Reader with Electronic Texts
11 & 2 PM Saturday


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