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The Gap

Research has found that most internet-using students say their teachers don't make good use of the web as a classroom tool.

According to the study commissioned by the Pew Internet and American Life Project, The Digital Disconnect: The Widening Gap Between Internet-Savvy Students and Their Schools,  many schools and teachers have not yet recognized the new ways students communicate and access information over the Internet, and students feel a disconnect between how they use the internet and how it is used in schools (Levin & Arafeh 2002).

From interviews of teacher candidates and their experiences,

it was found that:

bullettheir educational experiences for the most part do not include technology integration in education.
bulletlack of background technology integration experiences
bulletmany support text material do not include integrated technology

Sample book analysis of commonly used book on the literature circle, a search through the entire book found that the words technology, internet, and eBook do not occur on any of the 176 pages of the text, and that the word computer is only used once in the entire book.

International Reading Association (IRA 2002) recommends that teacher educators should:

bulletIntegrate effective instructional models that use the internet and other technologies into preparation programs in literacy education
bulletShow pre-service teachers through practice how new literacies are an essential component of the literacy curriculum
bulletProvide opportunities for pre-service teacher to practice using age-appropriate information technologies
bulletInclude online resources in the instructional program
bulletAcquire and make available technology resources for use in pre-service education classes.
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