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Sample eBooks and Applications

Presentation (.htm)

Sample eBooks (in MS Reader's .lit format) showing the variety of applications that eBooks could be applied to:

Presentation: This presentation on eBooks used the eBook as the presentation interface, instead of presentation software, such as PowerPoint.

Here are two articles/papers that I wrote and converted Article 1: eBooks for Education, and Article 2: The Need for Assistive Technology in Educational Technology.  Having them as eBooks allows me to easily carry them with me in my handheld.

Notes: The eBook I made to help me teach one of my classes about ESOL strategies.  I converted my class notes, from MS Word to MS Reader and used my handheld while teaching.

Activity: SodaBottle Hydrology: This eBook is an Earth Science activity book that I wrote for the Department of Energy.  Here I changed its format to an eBook for ease of use and sharing with others.

Other eBooks (.lit) I've made or converted

bullet Science Project Handbook
bullet Guide for inclass and online discussions
bullet Old Mother Hubbard's Dog
bullet Put Reading First

Sample Secret Garden Book Files

This eBook has been adapted from just the text to also having additional information, activities, and interactions to better engage students.

1. Secret Garden book (1) file, (annotations sample file) with the annotations file I was able to add advance organizers, questions, and highlighting to the book chapters.

2. Secret Garden book (2) file - adapted book with additional blank pages for drawings and reading guide



Get Microsoft's Reader

To get the full effect of MS Reader make sure to also download the dictionary eBook and text-to-speech plugin. 
Install and run the MS Reader setup program, place the dictionary into the folder "My Library" and then run the setup program for the text-to-speech component.

 eBooks in Education

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