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Online Book Trading:

While they are not actually eBooks (except for those audiobook versions), these online organizations are a great digital application for reading. With each of these trading organizations users can trade their extra books and get new ones. Other of the sites are for releasing books into the wild for new readers to find and enjoy.

Read & Release  Hey, that tickles! is a free online book club that follows the practice of leaving a book in a public place to be picked up and read by others, who then do likewise. Site provides tracking of the released books along with rating and journaling features.

Audiobook exchange:
Audiobook listen to and release program. User register a tracking number/ISBN before leaving an audiobook anywhere someone might see it, pick it up, and have a listen. Site provides tracking of released audiobooks along with rating and journaling features.


With most of the swap sites someone will need to pay postage.

Paperback swap:
List 9 or more books in the system to become an active member and receive 3 free credits to get you started trading. List as many books as possible to be more successful in trading. Sender pays for the postage. 

FREE (except for postage & a small handling charge) paperbacks for anyone. Users add paperbacks to the listing and are credited $2 per paperback for shipping. Requesters of books will have their account debited $2.50 once the paperback has been shipped.

Bookins: Your Guaranteed Source for free books, swap paperbacks, hardcovers, and audio books
Join for free to start swapping books. The only cost is shipping, which is a flat rate of $3.99 per book you receive. When you send books, there is no charge for stamps, the site provides free postage from your own printer.

BookMooch: BookMooch logo
Point system for swapping book. Adding books to your give away list (
+ 1/10); Give away a book (+1); Get a book (-1); Acknowledge receiving a book (+ 1/10).

Frugal Frugal reader logo
User list
the ISBN (10 digit number on the cover) of each book that they wish to trade with another member. Typically 1 credit is needed to request a paperback book and 2 for a hardcover. When a book is selected the lister pays the shipping. SF Books logo
A science-fiction and fantasy book swapping program, based on a point system.
The number of books you have received and the number of books you have sent is tracked by a credit system. Each book you send earns you 1 credit. Each book you receive subtracts 1 credit from your total. Sender pays the shipping

Textbook Revolt: 
TextbookRevolt (formally Socialbib) is a service, where students offer up old textbooks that they no longer have a need for and trade them for ones that they do need. 

Title Trader: Title Trader - Swap those old books, DVDs, and CDs
Titletrader is a free service that allows users to exchange books (paperback and hardcover), music (CDs), and movies (DVDs and VHS), each item swapped provides credits to the sender. Sender pays the postage.

ZunaFish:  Zunafish
Sets up partner trading, something for what you have with someone else. Create lists of what you have and want. Also trades CD, DVD, Games, and Audiobooks. Senders pay the postage.


Some more I'm aware of but have not yet fully explored:

bulletWhats On My Bookshelf
bullet SwapSimple
bullet SwapThing



Book Boxes/Barrels-
Passing on your old books (if you can bear to part with them)

Books for Soldiers:
Share your books with armed forces members (soldiers, sailors, Marines, etc.) by donating literary care packages.

International Book Project:
Sending books to orphanages and schools worldwide.

Books for Freedom:
Sending books to Afghanistan.

Darien Book Aid:
Sends books in response to specific requests from Peace Corps Volunteers,  libraries, and schools all over the world  


Directory of Book Donation Programs

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