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Digital Big Books

Using an eBook and a video projector a teacher can instantly create a digital “Big Book” on a screen for use with a class. He or she can use the eBook to illustrate passages or demonstrate how reading samples may be used in the literature circle.

Using common a presentation tool, like Microsoft’s PowerPoint, teachers and students can create their own talking electronic books. These books can be “played” on a computer or printed and bound. Another classroom application of the PowerPoint eBook is to use technology to create digital “Big Books” for class reading and other activities. 
 [ Creating eBooks with PowerPoint ]

By using a video projector or large screen television connected to an online computer, a teacher can display the book to the whole class to use as an instructional reading activity, or to use the book as example of writing, culture, or art. These digital big books would not by themselves cost anything extra, and they have the added advantage of being able to be placed onto a disc and made available at the students’ home for outside reading. 
 [ EBook Libraries ]

The easiest way to start creating your presentation eBook is to create a folder in which to store all your files and then create a template to use for your eBook. A PowerPoint eBook template is available from the Drs. Cavanaugh eBook web site ( that can be used to get started on a PowerPoint eBook. The reason to use a template (whether you download it or create your own), is to save time later. This way creators won’t have to repeatedly add items like page turners to the book pages. If PowerPoint is not available, try downloading and using OpenOffice’s presentation tool. OpenOffice is a free productivity suite of tools and is available from  .

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