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Rationale Classroom use/Subject Areas

 While Dinosaur Tracking was written to teach the science and math associated with the study of dinosaur tracks (ichnology), it can be used in a variety of other settings. The activities could be used in informal education settings such as camps, scouting, museums, and enrichment programs. In a more formal setting the activities could be used as a basis for an interdisciplinary unit, with trace fossils as the focus:

bulletLanguage arts: Letter writing to request information from tracksites. Story writing about a tracksite. Dinosaur (or Fossil) poetry. • Mathematics: Almost any of this book’s activities.
bulletScience: Almost any of this book’s activities.
bulletArt: Dinosaur cartoons or dioramas. Dinosaur models.
bulletSocial Studies: Mapping of tracksites or other fossil finds. Study about famous dinosaur fossil hunters. Timeline of fossil discovery.



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