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Internet and the World Wide Web

With access to the Internet or the World Wide Web there are many information resources available to you about fossils, dinosaurs or just about anything else that might interest you. Here are just a few resources that you can contact by web or e-mail to get information or answers to questions. Since the Internet is a rapidly changing system, we have included only a few of the more permanent information sites.

Ask a scientist

Ask a geologist at US Geological Survey

Ask an expert

Search engines
You can also use search engines (like and to search the world wide web for information. Just go to a search engine site and type in keywords about your topic and submit your search.

Some good dinosaur web sites to visit
• Honolulu Community College Dinosaurs
• Smithsonian’s National Zoological Park
• Tour of Dinosaurs at University of Illinois at Chicago
• University of California, The Berkeley Hall of Dinosaurs

On Line Calculator for Estimating Dinosaur Speed and Gait

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