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Footprint Stencils


The following pages have footprint diagrams for three types of dinosaur footprint stencils. The stencils are to a scale. The stencil patterns should be enlarged to the specified grid size.  There are a number of ways to enlarge your patterns.  Some of the patterns can be enlarged with just a photocopier or using an opaque projector.  If an opaque projector is not available, make a copy of the picture on transparency film using the copier and then project the image with a standard overhead projector.  You could also lay out the grid lines using blue chalk line (blue can be erased, red can not) or string and draw directly onto the wall, floor, or ground.



Carnosaur (2 inch grid) -- Tyrannosaurus (1 foot grid)


Another fun activity is to create origami dinosaur footprints. Visit for a downloadable pdf about creating your own origami tracks with paper folding.


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