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Dinosaur Models

The following pages have diagrams and instructions for three types of dinosaur models. The first is a paper cutout model for each of the dinosaurs shown here in relative size. Next are patterns to create life-size drawings of the same dinosaurs, followed by instructions for full-size stencils to make tracks for the dinosaurs.

Compsognathus -- Protoceratops -- Tyrannosaurus -- Man

Compsognathus, a carnivore, lived during the Jurassic period in southern Europe. The adult was one of the smallest known dinosaurs. The name Compsognathus means “elegant jaw.”

Protoceratops, a herbivore, lived during the Cretaceous period in Mongolia. The discoveries of its nests and eggs first showed how dinosaurs cared for their young. The name Protoceratops means “first horned face.”

Tyrannosaurus, a carnivore, lived during the Cretaceous period in North America. It was one of the largest meat eaters to have ever lived. The name Tyrannosaurus mean “tyrant reptile.”

Homosapien, an omnivore, lives during the Cenozoic Era on every continent. Homosapiens never interacted with living dinosaurs. The name Homosapien means “wise man.”

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