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Creating your own trackways

Students can create their own trackway activities in a number of ways.

First have the students measure the size of their feet and then calculate their leg length. Then measure the actual leg length from the top of the hip to the ankle. Now compare the two numbers.

Creating a human trackway.

Footprints can be made and measured in a variety of situations. When outdoors, by walking through sand, snow, or with wet feet across a dry cement surface. Indoors, try using a roll of butcher paper and a pan of water. With bare feet, dip the feet into the water and then walk across the paper to leave the footprints. A dryer option, is to use talcum powder, a pan, and carpet. Put talk into the pan and then step into the pan. Now walk across the carpet and leave white footprints.

To be able to check your measurements try this: on the surface that you will be using, mark out about three meters in length. Then as the person walks across, measure the time it takes to go the three meters. Take the distance (3m) and divide by the time to get the average speed. Now use that number to compare to your calculated result.


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