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Basic Program

Use a computer running BASIC (BASIC, qbasic, visual basic, or any other general basic). Type in the following program. Type in all of the program and then save it. After you have saved the program follow your systems commands to start running the program. This program allows the user to input information about the trackway in terms of foot size and stride length. It will then use this information to calculate the speed of the animal (in various units). Be very careful to type in all of the program correctly especially the calculating formulas.

10 REM A basic program to calculate speed from dinosaur tracks using
15 REM Alexander's formula
20 CLS
30 PRINT "This program calculates speed using foot length"
40 PRINT " and stride distances. Make all measurements in centimeters."
45 PRINT " Type in the numbers to answer the questions and press enter."
60 INPUT "What is the length of the foot print in centimeters? ", foot!
70 PRINT : PRINT "A stride is two successive right or left foot prints."
80 INPUT "What is the stride distance in centimeters? ", stride!
90 hip! = foot! * 4
91 length! = foot! * 10
92 speed! = 7.8 * (stride! ^ 1.67) * (hip! ^ -1.17): REM calculate the speed in cm/sec
93 speedm! = speed! / 100: REM changes speed to meters/sec
94 speedf! = speedm! * 3.2: REM changes speed to feet/sec
95 speedk! = speedm! * 3.6: REM changes speed to kilometers per hour
96 speedmph! = speedf! * .68: REM changes speed to miles per hour
100 PRINT : PRINT "---------------------------------------------------------" 110 PRINT "The results for a trackway with a foot length of "; foot!; " cm, and" 120 PRINT " a stride length of "; stride!; " cm:"
130 PRINT "The approximate hip height is "; hip!; " cm."
140 PRINT "The approximate length of the animal is "; length!; " cm."
150 PRINT "The trackway indicates an approximate speed of:"
151 PRINT speed!; " centimeters per second or "; speedm!; " meters per second or"
152 PRINT speedk!; " kilometers per hour."
154 PRINT "The speed could also be stated as "; speedf!; " feet per second or "
155 PRINT speedmph!; " miles per hour."
170 INPUT "Calculate another? (type Y or N and then press enter)"; again$
180 IF again$ = "Y" OR again$ = "y" THEN GOTO 20 ELSE END


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