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Pop-Up Card Reports - Digital Camera Project

Pop-up reports are an exciting way to create memorable assignments that increase interest, participation and most of all - learning. By using a digital camera, a word processor, and some card stock paper it is possible to create a fun and interesting three dimensional report presentation.  In this activity, students create  pop-up cards using digital camera images as the focus of the card. The pop-up image is best when printed on card stock or heavy bond paper. The card report may include information such as the authors name, a short story or description or other ideas that you may wish to include.

To complete this Pop-Up Card project you will need the following materials:

  • Digital camera images
  • 8 x 11-card stock or heavy bond paper
  • Scissors or art knife
  • Glue stick
  • Printer (color is better)


  1. Start the process by taking some digital images that you would like to use as focus or pop-up of the card with your camera and downloading the images into a computer. Your card can use two images, one for the background and the other for the pop-up.
  2. Create your pop-up cards by next downloading the pop-up card template. This is a very basic template and you should feel free to add or make changes as you see fit. The double cut line on the card is where the pop-up element will be added. If you want more than one element, you can add more double cut lines across the fold. You can also change the length/position to change the depth of the pop-up elements.

    MS Word template is available for the pop-up card at:

    pop-up card template for MS Word
  3. To add your images to the pop-up card, use the insert or paste options from the word processor program to add your pictures onto the page. The page is in landscape orientation and the images should go in upright. Make sure to move or format the images so that the images are set to be behind the text. Adjust size of your image to make it fit in the space on the pop-up card layout. First select the picture by clicking on it, then resize by pulling the corner to fit into the appropriate space. You may wish to use your image tools to crop the image before or after adjusting the image size. Set the image picture order to "send behind text." Then place the background image into the title quadrant of the layout. Now insert the image for the pop-up and set the pop-up image to "send behind text." Now place it in the lower right hand section, below the title and author name. Once your images are on the card click on the "place image here" text, and then delete the text.
  4. Now use the gray sections to write your report.  The report area is sufficient for a few paragraphs. You can change the font size and style of the report section. Use the images as the focus of what you are writing about in your essay.  If the gray section on the left is insufficient in length you can continue your writing in the upper section on the right (this will become the back of the card later). Also add the title of your card in the upper left section, and the title and your name in the lower right section (the lower right will end up being the outside cover when finished.

  5. Now print out the pop-up card using your printer.
  6. Using your scissors cut the pop-up card into right and left halves along the center vertical dotted line be careful. Also cut off the pop-up image section from below the title and author.

  7. Cut out the pop-up image to make it separate.  Trim it carefully. You don't need the rest of the section, you just need the main element of the photograph.

  8. On the left hand section, using an art knife or scissors, make the two small cuts along the dotted lines. This is where the pop-up image will be attached.
  9. After making the cuts, fold the left hand section in half - so that the text and image are on the inside. Then press the slice from between the two cuts towards the inside of the card, this will make a small step in the card when half open. Crease all the folds.

  10. Glue the pop-up image onto the front of the step (where it says "glue"). This will create the  three-dimensional aspect of your card.

  11. Fold the right hand section - so that the text is on the outside. Glue this section onto the outside of the pop-up section, so that the title and author panel is glued to the back of the background panel.




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