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Screen readers (text to speech)

DecTalk (download demo available) WIN
Made by the Digital corporation, DECtalk is desktop software that employs applications that electronically speak to users. With DECtalk, applications can convert (standard) text into intelligible, human-like speech through a sound card on your system. DECtalk offers you a choice of nine rich voice personalities, intonation and speed control, and has built-in phonetic, linguistic, and pronunciation rules. 

HELP Read: (download demo available) WIN
HELP Read is freeware program that will highlight and read aloud electronic text. Hawaii Education Literacy Project (HELP): Read, is attempting to develop a freeware solution addressing literacy and educational challenges brought on by the advance of technology colliding with traditional print-based teaching methods. 

WillowTALK: (download demo available) WIN
Lets your PC speak to you in computer voices, for productivity or fun. It reads web pages, Word documents, spreadsheets, Help files, and more.

Tex-Edit: (download demo available) MAC
Tex-Edit Plus is a text editor that fills the gap between Apple's bare-bones SimpleText and a full-featured word processor. It's fast, efficient, and has a clean, uncluttered interface and can highlight text as reads back to the user.

ReadPlease2000 (download demo available) WIN
ReadPlease is a free software program that speaks any text copied to the Windows Clipboard from any Windows application and features four human voices (Mary, Mike, Sam and Marilyn).

Read about some capabilities of text to speech systems

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