Example Materials

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Example Materials

AlphaSmart: http://www.alphasmart.com 
An adaptable writing keyboard, for under $200. Connects to either Mac or PC.

Cool Melt Glue Gun: Craft/Hobby stores ~$10
Makes adapted toys and books, adapt small toys by adding handles and books by creating page fluffers.

Digital Recorder: Discovery Channel Store ~$10
Record up to ten seconds of speech.

Digital Camera: Casio ~$600 http://www.casio.com 
A wide variety of applications see: http://typhoon.coedu.usf.edu/~tcavanau/camera/index.htm 

Ergonomic Pens: Office supply stores: ~$3

FlexClip: Office supply stores: ~$3

Gyromouse: BestBuy ~$50

LollyPop Switch: ~$35
Use to adapt electronic toys (with a battery interrupter) and can act as a switch source for adapted keyboards such as the IntellaKeys

Mozart Effect:  
Music CD Disk available from Philips.  This music may increase test scores. 

Paper Standers: Office supply stores $1-5

Soft "holding" shelf liner: Grocery Stores & dollar stores ~$4

Voice Recording Photo Frame: Radio Shack ~$10
Include an image or graphic with a recorded words.

Wireless Keyboard: CompUSA ~$35

X-10:  http://www.x10.com
X-10 modules are able to use computers or other devices to control the power going to equipment.  They can be used to control lights for communication purposes, such as to request attention.